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Pediatric Surgery: Key Tips and Healthcare for Your Child 

best pediatric Surgeon in chennai

Pediatric Surgery: How to Prepare a Child for Surgery  

 A child undergoing surgery can be anxious. But you’re not by yourself. We are all here for you!  

Every caregiver is concerned about the security and wellbeing of their child. We’ll make every effort to help you and your child. 

 Having open communication with the pediatric Surgery team will also allow you to address any concerns or fears you may have regarding your child’s procedure. Additionally, understanding the role of the anesthesiologist in ensuring your child’s safety during surgery can provide reassurance and peace of mind. 

 We know a successful pediatric Surgery includes focused preparation of the kid and parent for the surgery, detailed execution of the surgery by best pediatric Surgeon in chennai, and post-surgery attention by the parents and clinical team. 

 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Surgery  

Preparing children for surgery starts with parents. On the other hand, if you display signs of stress or anxiety, your child may become more easily agitated or worried. Therefore, it is important for parents to prioritize their own emotional well-being in order to create a positive and stable environment for their children. 

Talk to your Child about surgery. 

Infants and Toddlers: We suggest informing your toddlers a few days before surgery and preparing them for the new environment. Comfort them with their favorite toy, doll, or pacifier  

Pre Schoolers:                             

Preschoolers are old enough to be curious about their surroundings and what’s happening. Tell them a few days before, so this will give them time to process the information and ask any questions they may have. Additionally, explaining the purpose of the surgery and how it will help them feel better can alleviate any fears or anxieties they may be experiencing. 


You can discuss the best pediatric hospital in chennai with your child, who will ensure that they are sound asleep during the procedure and assist in pain management afterwards. Inform your child that the nurses and surgeons welcome any questions they may have prior t

best pediatric hospital in chennai

best pediatric hospital in chennai.


 Teens: Talk to your teen and involve them in decision-making from the start. For children of this age, it’s crucial to preserve their autonomy and sense of control. We advise them to ask any questions they may have throughout the procedure to their surgical team. 

Pre-Surgery Checklist 

Before Surgery 

  • Complete Pre Admission process and provide your child’s medical history 
  • Talk to your paediatric surgeon about medications, how they should be taken before surgery. 
  • Additionally, follow any specific instructions given by the healthcare provider regarding fasting or medication restrictions prior to surgery. 
  • Generally, your child should not have: 
  • Food 8 hours before 
  • Full liquids (soups, smoothies and juices) and milk 6 hours before 
  • Breast milk (infants) 4 hours before 
  • Clear liquids 2 hours before 

After Surgery: 

 After surgery, children require continuous routine checkups so that their best pediatric surgeon or physician may assess their physical and mental growth. Hence, regular checks provide peace of mind as a parent and help you avoid untoward incidents. 

 These tips will help you understand more about your child’s surgical experience. The information here can help you and your family have a better experience before, during, and after your child’s surgery. 

 Our goal is to give every child the best outcome and experience. We appreciate your confidence. 








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