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Family Medicine is a clinical speciality that provides comprehensive (across all ages, gender, organ systems, diseases and specialities), cost-effective, and patient centred care. Family Practice is well recognised in the developed countries and has been crucial in providing universal, affordable and accountable health care access to all sections of society and the care includes preventive, promotive, curative,rehabilitative and palliative.

Dr. Mehta’s Hospital recognised the need for this speciality and is a pioneer in initiating a Department of Family Medicine. The clinical services of the department include daily outpatient clinics for all common illnesses and inpatient care for non-specific symptoms and multiple diseases.Ambulatory medical care for all Walk-in OP patients is available for at least 12 hours everyday to suit everyone’s work commitments.

The focus is on a meticulous and exhaustive consultation and workup with timely and appropriate cross referrals, which are then followed up by the primary consultants to ensure continuity of care as well as patient comfort.

Special services include:

Health Check-up Packages:

We value “prevention is better than cure” & hence we have developed different Comprehensive health check-up plans to suit all for today’s busy generations where Life style disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroididm, Obesity,

Travel Medicine:

Assist Individuals traveling abroad with certification, health screening, organising Prescription and Immunization.

Adult Vaccination:

We Provide Comprehensive and Scientific immunization plan for adults to immunize against commonly prevalent infections like Viral Flu, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Pneumonia etc.

General Geriatric Care:

As the generation ages we encounter multiple physical problems, chronic comorbidities and age specific problems like Arthritis, Dementia, Vision and Hearing impairment, Nutritional Issues etc and we as specialists provide assistance in care of Senior citizens, help and co-ordinate prescriptions with Polypharmacy, organize their continuing care with appropriate nursing, psychological and home care.

General Palliative care:

This service includes Holistic care of patient and care givers facing Chronic non-Curable, debilitating diseases (like cancers, Stroke, Neurodegenerative disorders, organ failures in end stages) and End of life.