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Urology is a branch of medicine that focuses on diseases of the genitourinary tract. The kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra are the diseases treated by Urologist.

Our Urologists are expert in:

  • Open And Minimally Invasive Surgeries
  • Real-Time Ultrasound Guide Procedures
  • Utilization of Various Kinds of Lasers for the Treatment of Stone Diseases.

Our urologist helps to treat a melange of conditions:

  • Stone Diseases Of Urine Bladder and Kidney
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Renal Cancer
  • UTI – Urinary Tract Infection
  • Urinary Incontinence

Urology at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals:

Our Services

Urology is a surgical discipline that deals with the urinary system, kidney, bladder, prostate, and male and female genitalia diseases. The urology department at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals is well equipped and our experts are well-trained to provide the best medical service. Our healthcare management covers the complete range of urologic illnesses, from stone diseases of urinary tract incontinence difficulties to complex surgical diseases treatments of urology, which includes

  • Adult Urology
  • Paediatric Urology
  • Urologic Oncology
  • Urogynaecology

We believe Dr. Mehta’s healthcare services provide the best medical treatment to our patients and their families with our best-in-class medical care and compassion. We guarantee you that at Dr. Mehta’s best multi-specialty hospitals, you will find urology doctors to provide best-in-class treatment for your healthcare needs.

The department at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals provides treatments in the fields of:

Stone Disease of Urology

  • RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery)
  • Mini PCNL (Percutaneous Removal Of Kidney Stones)
  • URSL (Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy)
  • Cystolithotripsy
  • Open and Laparoscopic Stone Removal

Prostate disease

  • Prostate Cancer Treatment
  • Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (Turp)
  • Acute And Chronic Prostatitis Treatments

Men’s health

  • Male Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Consultation for Andrology
  • Premature Ejaculation

Female Urology

  • Stress, Urge Incontinence
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Vesicovaginal Fistula

Urological Oncology

  • Diagnosis and Treatments for Kidney, Ureteral, Penile, Prostrate, Bladder, Testicular, and Urethral Cancer.
  • Diagnosis, Treatment, And Follow Up For All Genitourinary Malignancy

Paediatric Urology

  • Circumcision
  • Paediatric Hernia
  • Hypospadias
  • Hydrocele
  • Undescended Testes
  • Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR)
  • Posterior Urethral Valves
  • Nocturnal Enuresis

Why choose Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals?

Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals in Chetpet, Chennai, and Velappanchavadi – Global Campus provide the best-in-class healthcare with global facilities. Our vision is to support a patient-at-first approach, dependence on knowledge, and a highly-skilled staff committed to healthcare service. We at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals use the best medical technology and experience to give patients the transparent and complete trustworthy healthcare support they deserve.

Dr. Mehta’s Multispeciality Hospitals’ state-of-the-art, cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment methods aim to attend to each patient and provide quality medical care. Dr. Mehta’s dedication to healthier and better patient care is reflected in the patient treatments and the health care approach. Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals is an established name in trust and world-class healthcare services to treat each patient with equal care and proper healthcare support.