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Internal Medicine and Diabetology

Internal Medicine and Diabetology


As your  best diabetologist in Chennai , internal medicine healthcare provider, we hope to provide long term comprehensive care for both common & complex chronic ailments, in addition to providing a one stop solution for acute illnesses.

We take time in getting to know you more during your first visit, in terms of your lifestyle and healthcare background. We assess the need for preventive care and individualize a treatment plan for your current conditions.

We may also refer you to a specialist when the need arises for a specialized test or a distinct treatment. We are here to co-ordinate your care and will make sure all your health concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

We also plan a timeline for further monitoring that may be needed in case of chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension, so that continuation of care in terms of assessment, evaluation and management of long term complications and optimization & titration of medications would be possible.

In the event of requiring multidisciplinary care (involving two or more specialists), we provide an integrated comprehensive health plan, coordinating, optimizing & incorporating the inputs from the specialists.

In a nutshell, we try to make your transition from sickness to health in the smoothest way possible.

Services Offered:

  • Out-patient services:
    • Availability of consultants in the Out Patient Department on all days of the week from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm.
    • Management of common ailments on an out-patient basis
    • Management of more complex ailments with the help of laboratory and radiology support on an out-patient basis & considering continuation of care on an in-patient basis when and if need arises
    • Transition of care to out-patient basis for patients after discharge from the hospital
  • In-patient services:
    • Our consultants assume responsibility for the in-patients round the clock and are available for in-person enquiries and consultation for nearly 12 hrs during the day
    • Daily rounds are comprehensive, addressing the new problems and the existing co-morbidities with a clinical approach supported by investigations
    • Day to day monitoring and optimization of medications are done
  • Cross-referrals:
    • Our consultants are available round the clock for referrals for out-patients and in-patients under other specialties
    • Their in-house availability makes it easier to follow up these patients and formulate a plan for long term care in association with the primary physician
  • Emergency consultation:
    • Our consultants are available during most part of the day, for emergency consultations on an out-patient basis
    • During the remaining hours, our emergency department functions as the via intermediary between our consultants and patients, initiating the preliminary treatment based on our consultants’ plan
  • Consultation in the Intensive Care Units:
    • Care of critically ill patients admitted under the department of internal medicine, requires a comprehensive approach, and in keeping with the same, our intensivists and internists work together making diagnostic and treatment plans while handling them, thus attempting to tide over the critical phase in the fastest and smoothest way possible
  • Screening:
    • Targeted screening protocols are followed while assessing patients at the outpatient department
    • As a part of the routine evaluation, patients are assessed for the presence of risk factors that would make them candidates for screening; and when present, screening tests are undertaken and they are educated about preventive measures and the need to adhere to certain dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Support system:

  • 24*7 Backup by the laboratory and the radiology services
  • Availability of senior consultants across various specialties for referral services
  • Fully equipped and manned team in the emergency department and in the intensive care unit 24*7 to offer additional back-up support or escalation of care in case of emergency