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Live the new normal lifestyle a healthy way.

Live the new normal lifestyle a healthy way

Live the new normal lifestyle a healthy way. 
(The importance of taking care of your most precious and vital organ, your heart. Even more in COVID-19 times. Live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Live young.)

Penny wise and pound foolish is a famous saying used to refer to people who are extremely careful about small things but wasteful about larger things. After the gloom this pandemic had brought upon us, everyone is desperate to find a light at the end of the tunnel. In the process, the mask and sanitizer alone have become the standing torchbearer and are considered by many as part of the attire as well as a kind of shield. In the long run, we have witnessed a humongous change in work and lifestyle patterns. Many things which very prioritized previously seemed minuscule; be it a vacation tour or friends’ wedding or even a hospital visit for chronic ailments. The focus has shifted on being alive; leave alone the thoughts on a healthy routine. This brings us to the verge of the cliff, pondering where we are heading by this uncharted new normal lifestyle. Has this new normal brought about a real change for good or is it making us blind to a larger picture?

The link between COVID-19 and cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of human death irrespective of age and region. A high rate of morbidity, mortality, and disability is associated with cardiovascular diseases. Preventive strategies which include a healthy diet and lifestyle can help combat cardiovascular diseases in a big way. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to the healthcare sector. COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory illness. But it can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and the heart muscle. Thus, people with comorbid conditions and underlying heart ailments are at a much higher risk for infection and ultimately a negative impact on their cardiovascular health.

The need for a healthy lifestyle in the new normal situation

As the pandemic continues to grow and evolve, a key aspect is that one needs to know how they can keep themselves and their family members safe, particularly for high-risk individuals. Having comorbid conditions like diabetes, smoking can increase this risk. So, keeping your heart strong by following a lifestyle during the pandemic is imperative. So, it becomes a prime requirement to follow a lifestyle that makes our “Heart strong”. Due to the new normal of social distancing and remote working, people are confined to their homes for longer periods of time, the fear of getting infected has made us postpone or cancel regular health check-ups too. Lack of exercise and self-isolation further adds to the problem and a decrease in immunity worsens the chronic illnesses. In these challenging times, maintaining your heart health, monitoring your blood pressure, and staying fit matter a lot.

Consider a few steps given below that can help you maintain your heart health and prevent cardiovascular ailments,

1. Follow a routine. Giving a structure to your day with appropriate timing is a great help. Even if you’re spending more time at home, it’s important that you follow your daily routine. Get an adequate amount of sleep, eat balanced and healthy meals at the right time, do your daily routine tasks and take your medications in time as prescribed by your doctor.
2. Stay connected. Maintaining your emotional health and a happy mental status is even more necessary in these tough times. Stay connected with family and friends over the phone. It helps in elevating your mood and also makes a big difference to your emotional well-being.
3. Consume heart-healthy foods. Make sure to select heart-healthy foods (High fiber/low carb/low fat). Avoid foods with high sodium or saturated fats. Consult your doctor for a heart-healthy diet.
4. Keep yourself physically active. It is important to keep your body moving. Take frequent breaks from sitting to improve circulation, stretch your legs by walking outdoors. Follow a normal fitness routine.
Understand your body. Every person has a unique body. Only you know your body the best. So keep monitoring your body and if you notice any changes in your health, consult your doctor.
5. Schedule a telephonic or online consultation with your doctor. To keep patients safe during the ongoing pandemic, telemedicine may suit to take care of their needs for most of the reviews
6. Also follow the special precautions needed to avoid exposure to COVID-19.
Wear a mask./Avoid touching your face.
Wash your hands with soap often. Wash for at least 20 seconds, and pay special attention to the back of your hands, finger creases, and thumbs.
Follow the guidelines of social distancing. This includes staying home and maintaining a 6foot distance from you and others while in public.
7. Practice healthy habits. (Avoid smoking/tobacco use/drug abuse/alcoholism)

Take care of your heart. Don’t let it run behind time. Eat healthily and stay healthy, even in these challenging times of the pandemic. A healthy heart and healthy cardiovascular health is the key to good living. Prevention is always better than cure.

Article by
Dr.Vivek Muthukumarasamy
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals

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