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The Power of Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which includes breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga provides mental strength and peace. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health and prosperity.

Yoga seems to be acquainted with the physical and psychological benefits for stress management. The benefits of yoga also include decreased stress and tension, increased strength, balance & endurance, and lowered blood pressure. Physical Asana or bodily postures help both in flexibility as well as realizing the potential of the human body, which goes well beyond what we call as the physical being.

Various Forms of Yoga Hatha Yoga
Purpose To introduce beginners to yoga with basic poses and relaxation techniques
Benefits Relieves stress, provides physical exercise, and improves breathing
Good for Beginners and people wanting to learn the basics of yoga

Vinyasa Yoga
Purpose To link the breath with movement and to build lean muscle mass throughout the body
Benefits Helps improve strength and flexibility, tones the abdominal muscles, and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes
Good for Beginners and advanced yogis alike seeking to strengthen their bodies

Ashtanga Yoga
Purpose To help improve one’s spiritual self
Benefits Relieves stress, improves coordination, and helps with weight loss
Good for Fit people looking to maintain strength and stamina

Iyengar Yoga
Purpose To strengthen and bring the body into alignment
Benefits Helps improve balance, speeds up recovery from an injury, and builds up body strength
Good for Beginners who want to learn the correct alignments in each pose and those with injuries, balance issues, and chronic medical conditions like arthritis

Bikram Yoga
Purpose To flush out toxins and to deeply stretch the muscles
Benefits Speeds up recovery from an injury, enhances flexibility, and cleanses the body
Good for Advanced levels who want to push themselves and those with physical injuries

Health Benefits of Yoga’s on the total body
1.Increases Endurance, Strength, Physical Stamina and Flexibility
2.Includes Reduction in Stress
3.Keeps Away Common Ailments
4.Helps Improve Focus
5.Keeps an Uncluttered Mind
6.Prepares the Mind and Body for Long Term Health Benefits
7.Provide Sustenance Power for Long Hours of Work
Also Provides
a.Arm and Shoulder Strength is multiplied as you use your own body weight for resistance
b.Lats and other back muscles begin to support the spine better than before
c.Abdominals and oblique are refined and sharpened through building core muscles
d.Hip flexors are stretched and rebuilt
e.Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves are tightened and lengthened

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