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Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals are widely recognized as a leading Healthcare provider in India. With over 8 decades of expertise and experience in healthcare, we have helped heal consumers across generations. Our focus on consumer health, safety and infection control has helped us deliver top quartile clinical outcomes consistently and ensured that we have helped heal over tens of millions of our consumers over the last century. Dr.Mehta’s is widely respected as amongst the safest and healthiest birthing locations in the country having helped deliver over 500,000 babies family smiles. Our Pediatric Hospital has been recognized by clinicians and consumers as a leader across India. Our General Hospital is the oldest and most experienced private hospital in India and is on the list of top 30 on the planet.

The Legacy

Founded in 1933, Dr.Mehta’s has grown into one of the leading healthcare institutions in India. The humble roots started as a small nursing home in the locality of Sowcarpet in Madras, currently known as Chennai in South India. Dr.Anantrai J Mehta, a surgeon had a vision to setup an institution that was open to all members of the community that focused on consumer safety, affordability and affection. Joined by his wife Dr.Savitha Ben Mehta, a Gynecologist trained by leading British and Indian Gynecologists in 1940, the couple relocated to the more central location of Chetpet in Chennai and expanded the facility to a Multi-specialty Surgical and Birthing unit in 1955. Dr.Mehta’s Nursing Home has been fondly remembered and respected as a pillar of Chennai’s healthcare and the reason why we are commonly known as the Medical Capital of India. With a deep focus on community, consumer and clinical outcomes, Dr.Mehta’s has helped introduce generations of new beginnings into many vibrant families across India. We have helped deliver over 500,000 babies successfully and family smiles through our facilities.

Our Multi-specialty units have expanded with the introductions and partnerships with many leading Clinicians across India like Dr.R.Shanmugasundaram, Dr.Ahmed Ali, Dr.Nammalwar, Dr.Thangavelu, Dr.Gnanabalan, Dr.Saravana Kumar, Dr.Usha Shukla and many more leaders. Dr.Mehta’s has evolved to amongst the leading healthcare providers respected for very strong ethical care, consumer health, efficacy and clinical outcomes.


Dr.Mehta’s Today

Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals today has over 250 beds across our Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Unit with over 80 medical and surgical specialities and over 500 leading clinicians. Our units have helped deliver over 500,000 babies and new beginnings. Dr.Mehta’s has successfully conducted over 100,000 advanced surgeries and 100s of successful transplants. We have been privileged to have served more than 20,000 families across 2 generations and more than 300 families across 3 generations. Dr.Mehta’s today has shown that expertise combined with values and a deep focus on clinical care competence and infection control can help deliver the leading outcomes in India. We are amongst the leading healthcare providers in India. We focus deeply on compassion and efficiency to help ensure that our consumers are safe and leave us healthier with smiles.

What Drives Us?

Trusted across generations through our values which underlie affordable, compassionate and efficient care coupled with genuine consumer affection, Dr.Mehta’s have the building blocks to ensure that your health is maintained in a safe and ethical manner that helps us empower you to have superior clinical outcomes.

  • Creating WOW Experience
  • Personalized Customer Affection
  • Affordable, Compassionate & Transparent Care
  • Continuously Learn and Grow as a Family
  • Empowered Communities Succeeding Together
  • Focussed on Institutional Growth and Sustainability
  • Innovate Transformative Healing

Quality Assurance

Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers (NABH) and is also ISO certified. Through strong clinical protocols and processes we try to ensure that our institutes have the lowest infection control rates as well as the highest clinical outcomes not just for our city but also for our state and country. The institution has won numerous accolades and awards including the IMA Excellence, Padma Shri, Lifetime Achievement Awards and many more recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, The Quality Council of India and Association of Healthcare Providers of India for focusing on our clinical outcomes, ethical practices, superior consumer care and affordable healing within our communities. We assure you that at Dr.Mehta’s we will do our best to ensure that you are safe and healthy while you experience Dr.Mehta’s healing touch.

Superior Clinical Outcomes

With a strong underlying ownership of quality processes and protocols that are deep not just in our hearts and minds but also deep within our bones, Dr.Mehta’s has consistently ensured that we have the leading clinical practitioners coupled with strong clinical protocols to ensure that our outcomes are best in class across the industry. Regularly benchmarking on top of our National, Regional and in many cases International specialties, Dr.Mehta’s can take great pride in saying that our clinical outcomes are best in class. Coupled with superior infection control practices which has the lowest infection control rates across the country Dr.Mehta’s can assure you the consumer and your loved ones that we will ensure that your safety in and beyond our hospitals is managed in a transparent, superior and safe manner.

Dr.Mehta’s Multiple Specialties

Centre of Excellence

  1. General Pediatrics
  2. Pediatric Intensive CAre
  3. Neonatology
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care
  5. Pediatric Nephrology

Core Specialities

  1. Gynecology
  2. Pediatric Surgery
  3. Pediatric Endocrinology
  4. Pediatric Haematology & Oncology

Additional Specialities

  1. Pediatric Neurology
  2. Developmental Pediatrics



  1. Operation Theatre
  2. Dialysis
  3. Physiotherapy

Intensive Care Units

  1. Adult Intensive Care Units

Ancillary Support

  1. Laboratory – Biochemistry, Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Cytopathology
  2. Radiology – X ray, CT scan, UltrasoundR
  3. ECG
  4. Endoscopy
  5. TMT
  6. EEG
  7. PFT
  8. Blood Consignment
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Diet & Kitchen

Preventive Care 

  1. Master Health Check-Up
  2. Vaccination

Emergency Care

  1. Ambulatory Care
  2. Pharmacy

Expanding Locations

Dr.Mehta’s has partnered with The Women’s Centre, the leading fertility provider and IVF Centre in India to provide fertility services to customers from around the world in our Chennai Centre. Women’s Centre is a highly customer centric private facility which enables families to become parents with smiles. With the highest success rates of fertility treatment care across India and strong clinical outcomes, our partnership has helped deliver many children when nature does not always play its intended course.


Dr.Mehta’s appreciates partnerships from clinicians who are keen to set up and expand their practices and are looking for a place to refer their cases to or to come and practice. With amongst the leading infection control practices as well as a very strong nursing and support staff team, Dr.Mehta’s is the ideal partner to provide to your focused needs. We have a number of support services to help expand your practices as well grow your clinical capabilities. If you are interested in sharing some space with us we look forward to hearing from you at info@mehtahospital.com . We are currently looking for partners in the ECR and OMR region of Chennai as well as Sowcarpet area of the city.

Dr.Mehta’s Medical Trust – Your Partner for Community and CSR Activities

Dr.Mehta’s with our deep focus on ensuring that our communities are safe has consistently run a combination of programs across multiple sectors of our community including vulnerable and underprivileged members of the community and at risk consumers. Our Trust since 1997 has focused significantly on educational, diagnostic as well as therapeutic programs to ensure that members of our communities both local and regional are safe and are provided access to health education programs to ensure that they themselves take ownership of their own health as well as diagnostics and therapy to ensure that those who are perhaps vulnerable and at risk have the capacity to access healthcare practices that are in line with our expertise and commitment. We regularly partner with leading organizations, NGOs and  Corporates including  WHO, UNICEF and The Gates Foundation to ensure that our campaigns are focused around large community  outcomes to ensure that safety and health is managed beyond our footprint, beyond our specific focused interventions. Dr.Mehta’s also provides a leadership role for many of the institutions in South India including helping co-ordinate many of the activities for organizations like the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI) and the Consortium (CAHOE). Dr.Mehta’s typically looks for partners from within the communities as well as sponsors to assist programs so that we are able to ensure that we impact the appropriate and the most needy folks across these communities as well as ensure that our clinical expertise is shared across more members in each community to ensure that our community outcome is maximized.