Dr.Mehta's Children's Hospital

Emergency 24 x7 :
  Chetpet - 40054005 , Velappanchavadi - 40474047
For Appointment : Chetpet - 044 -42271234, Velappanchavadi: 044-40474057 / 8754889666

Pediatric Emergency

Pediatric Emergency

Pediatric Emergency Medicine is unique as “kids are not small adults” and Pediatric Emergency Specialists are well trained to focus on life threatening symptoms and to make prompt decisions and perform necessary actions to save lives of little ones.
Our specialists are well versed in performing lifesaving procedures like Incubation, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation among others, we provide initial evaluation, stabilization and appropriate care in a wide variety of non-life threatening medical, trauma and surgical conditions.
We also play an important role in limiting disability of the patients in pre-hospital setup by accompanying the child at all times. Our emergency medical technicians in the ambulance are well trained to handle Pediatric Emergencies.
The department is fully supported by round-the- clock availability of Pediatric Super Specialty Doctors, diagnostic lab and radiology departments.

Why Dr Mehta’s in case of an Emergency?

Our 24×7 services

  • State of the art fully equipped Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance with ventilator and defibrillator, Transport incubator capable of handling medical and surgical emergencies including transport of Pediatric Trauma Victims
  • Basic Life Support Ambulance equipped to handle minor emergencies
  • Safe pick up and on-board emergency care in the Ambulance and transfers by Emergency  
  • Pediatric Specialist, Pediatric Nurses and qualified Emergency and Trauma Care Technicians
  • A fully equipped unit to handle any trauma, surgical, and medical emergencies in Pediatric patients
  • Support services like laboratory and radiology
  • Dedicated PICU & NICU
  • Supportive Pediatric super specialties services like Surgery, Pulmonology, Orthopedics, Nephrology, Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology
  • Newly upgraded Accident and Emergency Department focusing on a high degree of patient response, cure, privacy, comfort and latest Emergency Medical Technologies.