Dr.Mehta's Children's Hospital

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Pediatric Endocrinology


Highlights of  the department

  1. Team approach to paediatric endocrine disorder
  2. Dynamic stimulation tests are a major test that is needed in paediatric endocrinology that warrants close monitoring as they can have complications.
  3. All dynamic stimulation tests are done  with necessary PICU back up for any complications.
  4. Children with paediatric endocrine diseases are prone for many emergencies – like low sugars, low BP and crisis. There is a 24 x 7 Emergency and PICU back up
  5. Children with paediatric diabetes are managed by a team  consisting of an endocrinologist, intensivist, paediatric diabetes educator and paediatric diabetic nutritionist. The educator is involved in day to day care of specific issues pertaining to insulin pen, glucometer, dose adjustment etc and also sick day care. Diabetic nutritionist provides necessary counselling on diet – what to and what not to consume and how to optimise insulin therapy for the same.
  6. Other support consultations like nephrology and cardiology under one roof
  7. Hormonal tests are done in our lab under standard precautions like adequate temperature maintenance and collection in the right sample for accurate results. Mehta childrens hospital lab has facilities for performing  all major hormone tests  with very good accuracy and  less  turn around time.
  8. Ultrasound done by a paediatric radiologist is very important to give accurate measurements of organs like uterus and testes – which are important for the endocrinologist to titrate therapy. The paediatric radiology department works in tandem with the paediatric endocrinology department and involved in delivering good care to these children at reasonable costs.
  9. Poor children are helped through the chief minister scheme to receive growth hormone and other treatment modalities and also through the Mehta medical trust.
  10. Community and support groups for diabetic children and children with growth

The care of child will be transferred to the primary paediatrician after endocrine evaluation and management.

We run Paediatric Endocrine clinics on all week days from 9am to 3pm.

Multi disciplinary juvenile diabetic clinics are conducted on all Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.


For emergency advice regarding management of diabetic children, please contact: 91-9884984280

For routine appointments, please call 044-42271001-5