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Critical Care

Critical Care

The Intensive Care Unit at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals, Chennai, is a multidisciplinary unit which caters to critically ill patients, the spectrum of which varies form Acute Medical & Surgical illnesses of different specialities to immediate post OP care, Cardiac toxicologya nd critical trauma cases. Our ICU includes isolation rooms for infectious/communicable disease care and fully euqippped iwth mutlitute of dialysis units and ventiallators. It aims to provide comprehensive care to all patients at affordable prices without compromisisn quality in care and strenghtening to its vision as a Center of Excellence in Intensive Care.

This is ensured by a team of highly dedicated full time Intensivist working round the clock wiht utmost commitment. They are signifciantly skilled and work in close co ordination wiht Consultants of differnet super specialitites across the fields of Medicine and surgery. A team of fully dedicated nurses witha nurse patient ratio of 1:1 is committed to take care of not just the acute care but also the psychosocial aspects that surround the critically ill.

Our medical snd surgical ICU manages a broad range spectrum inclusive post operative care acrosss

Neurology/Neuro Surgery ICU

  • Headed by Senior Neuro Surgeon and Senior Neurologists.
  • Managed by Neuro Internsivist.
  • 24 Hours Head injury and Trauma Care with our specially trained staff.
  • Specialised trained staffs in Neuro-Surgical Critical Care.
  • State of the art euipments to track Brain & Neurologic Function.
  • Sophisticated Monitoring of Brain Processes and Orientation.

Cardiology Services

  • Our Cardiac ICU caters 24×7 Cardiac Care for all cardiac illness especially heart attach
  • Taken care by two senior cardiologists
  • 24×7 echo scan available witht the cardiology ICU.
  • Invasive monitoring of Cardiac Functions within the cardiology ICU.
  • State of the art defibrillator equipments – a one of kind monitor

Gastroenterology Services

  • Backed by 24 x 7 medical gastro Department
  • Senior Gastroenterologists
  • Complex endoscopic procedures performed
  • Surgical gastro facility
  • Senior Surgical Gastroenterologists

Pulmonology Services

  • Caters 24 x 7 Pulmonology Care
  • Advanced interventional bronchoscopy procedures performed
  • State of the art ventilators for each bed at the pulmonology ICU
  • 24 x 7 X-ray Facility
  • Inerventional pulmonologist with experience in advance interventional procedures

Nephrology Services

  • Caters 24  x 7 Nephrology Care
  • Caters a wide range of kidney disease
  • High standard Nephrology Care by our senior Nehprologists
  • State-Of-The-Art Dialysis Machine specially dedicated for Nephrology ICU

The Critical Care Team strives to promote superior quality of care and work towards its betterment with a vision of providing affordable but uncompromising health care to patients. The unit has amongst the best clinical outcomes, with strict infection control practice, low net mortality, readmission rates and critical care length of stay.

Standards we follow are at par with international standards with special emphasis upon infection control procedure protocols like UAP, Mycocardial Infarction, DUT and Sepsis.