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Emergency : 24 x7
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ENT All Basic E.N.T surgeries are done at Dr.Mehta’s Hospital -Adenotonsillectomy -Myringotomy and Grommet Tube Intubation -Tympanoplasty -Tympanomastoidectomy operation -Stapedectomy -Endoscopy Sinus Surgeries/FESS -Septoplasty -Tracheostomy -MicroLaryngeal Surguries -F.B – Ear/Nose/Throat…

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Dermatology The Dermatology department in Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals offers a wide range of consultantion and treatments for patients with skin problems, including the following conditions: Acne, autoimmune and connective tissue disease,…

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Dentistry at Dr.Mehta’s Hospital is provided by Dr Smilez Group of Dental Centers. For further details please click here

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Cardiology Cardiology department at Dr.Mehta’s Hospital caters to adults and children with many forms of heart and blood vessel problems Like Myocardial Infarction Thrombolysis for Acute Myocardial Infarction Ischemic heart…

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Overview The Department of Anesthesia at Dr Mehtas provide anesthesia services for inpatient and outpatient surgery as well as for non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Other services include obstetric pain…

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