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4th DNB Pediatrics OSCE work shop and mock exam 1&2, 2017

Dear Students,

                         We appreciate your sincere participation and enthusiastic learning in 4th DNB Pediatrics OSCE work shop and mock exam 1&2, 2017.

Please find the results below. If anyone needs clarification regarding names and register numbers, please contact Mrs Leena by sms
( phone- 08754414275 ) .

                         Best wishes for your exams and future !



Head Research & Academics





TOTAL MARKS – 150/ PASS – 75

  A1 84.5 B1 102.5 C1 47 D1 111.5
A2 67.25 B2 40 C2 55.5 D2 56.25
A3 49.75 B3 55.5 C3 58.25 D3 66.75
A4 74.75 B4 63.5 C4 50.5 D4 46.25
A5 75.25 B5 89.75 C5 79 D5 61
A6 59 B6 68 C6 60.5 D6 47.5
A7 72.75 B7 49.5 C7 57.25 D7 83.75
A8 39.5 B8 62 C8 45 D8 47
A9 94.75 B9 57.75 C9 65 D9 72
A10 60 B10 44 C10 53 D10 70.25
A11 51 B11 84.5 C11 42 D11 90
A12 70 B12 73.75 C12 41.5 D12 60
A13 72 B13 54 C13 60 D13 70.25
A14 74.25 B14 55.5 C14 54.25 D14 69.5
A15 61.25 B15 68.25 C15 63 D15 57.5
A16 53.75 B16 63.25 C16 78.5 D16 64.75
A17 31 B17 61.25 C17 49.5 D17 48.25
A18 76 B18 67.75 C18 59.75 D18 60.25
A19 58 B19 51 C19 61.65 D19 47
A20 39 B20 63.5 C20 73.25 D20 66.25
A21 61.75 B21 64.75 C21 69.5 D21 40.5
A22 64.25 B22 57.5 C22 65.5 D22 57.5
A23 62 B23 77.5 C23 73.75 D23 76.75
A24 62.75 B24 60.25 C24 51 D24 77.25
A25 85 B25 54.25 C25 46 D25 49.75
A26 69 B26 47.75 C26 65.25 D26 70
A27 69.5 B27 92 C27 53.5 D27 72.75
A28 69.5 B28 97.75 C28 68.25 D28 20.75
A29 54.75 B29 78.75 C29 102 D29 66
A30 63.25 B30 86.75 C30 57.25 D30 72.5
      D31 56.75





TOTAL MARKS – 150/ PASS – 75


A1 107 B1 81.75 C1 91.75 D1 104.75
A2 80.75 B2 67.75 C2 76.75 D2 87.25
A3 71.5 B3 75.25 C3 82.5 D3 71.5
A4 93.25 B4 65.75 C4 71.5 D4 64.5
A5 86.75 B5 99.5 C5 80 D5 53.5
A6 100 B6 80.75 C6 91.75 D6 73.5
A7 85.5 B7 76.25 C7 69.75 D7 86.75
A8 77.5 B8 75.75 C8 52.75 D8 63.75
A9 100 B9 78 C9 73.25 D9 87.5
A10 79 B10 69.25 C10 74 D10 61.5
A11 59.5 B11 88.75 C11 39.5 D11 68.75
A12 86.75 B12 79.5 C12 57.5 D12 66
A13 73.5 B13 64.25 C13 66.5 D13 67.75
A14 94.25 B14 64.25 C14 75 D14 59.5
A15 94 B15 75 C15 82.25 D15 49.75
A16 81.75 B16 62.25 C16 89.75 D16 69.5
A17 79.5 B17 62.5 C17 61.25 D17 64.5
A18 92.5 B18 88.5 C18 70.75 D18 65
A19 89.75 B19 66.5 C19 75.25 D19 50
A20 59 B20 67 C20 76 D20 57.5
A21 79.5 B21 51.75 C21 90.25 D21 45.75
A22 81 B22 70.75 C22 89 D22 56
A23 91.5 B23 72.25 C23 84 D23 75.75
A24 79 B24 54.75 C24 68.25 D24 68
A25 91.75 B25 50.75 C25 54 D25 55
A26 74.25 B26 69.75 C26 58.75 D26 71.5
A27 83.75 B27 85.5 C27 80 D27 61.5
A28 81.5 B28 51 C28 74.5 D28 70.5
A29 83.5 B29 63.75 C29 104.75 D29 61.5
A30 79.75 B30 86.75 C30 92.75 D30 62.75
A31 75.75 B31 66.75 C31 69.75 D31 48
A32 84.5 B32 75.75 C32 80


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Nitros Day

Nitros Day on 9th July 2016, Saturday

Greetings!!! from Dr Mehta’s Hospital.

We have a organized Nitros Day on 9th July 2016. In this Camp, you can avail Avail 20% Discount on our Health Checkup Packages & 10% Discount on Diagnostics (X-Ray, Ultra Sound, CT Scan & Mammogram,…)


Nehru Stadium at 4 PM Onwards

Contact Number: +91-98400 61416, 87545 96441

Share with your friends.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr Mehta’s Hospital Team


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Free Asthma & Allergy Screening Camp on May 7th 2016 in Chennai

Free Asthma & Allergy Camp on 7th May 2016, Saturday

“World Asthma Day”

Greetings!!! from Dr Mehta’s Hospital.

We have a organized free asthma & allergy camp on 7th May 2016. In this Camp, you can avail Free PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) of WorthRs.1000/-


Dr Mehta’s Hospital, No.2, McNichols Rd, 3rd Lane Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031 Tamil Nadu, India.

Contact Number: +91-9551162431

For Registration Contact: May I help Counter (In front of Out Patient Department ‘C’ Block Entrance) at Dr Mehta’s Hospital.

Share with your friends.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr Mehta’s Hospital Team


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Are You SLEEP Deprived?

Tips to good sleep
Signs of Sleep Deprivation

  • Have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning
  • Get sleepy in meetings or lectures
  • Feel very tired in the afternoon
  • Feeling a need to nap to get through the day
  • Fall asleep while watching TV or relaxing in the evening
  • Feel the need to sleep in on weekends
  • Fall asleep within five minutes of going to bed

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

  • Fatigue, Lethargy
  • Moodiness and Irritability
  • Reduced Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Reduced Immunity; Frequent Colds and Infections
  • Concentration and Memory Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Impaired Motor Skills and Increased Risk Of Accidents
  • Increased Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Other Health Problems

Some Simple Tips for Good Sleep:

  • Make sleep schedule and stick to it. Make sure that you go to bed and get up at the same time every day, irrespective of weekends, holidays. This reinforces our sleep – wake cycle and promotes better sleep.
  • Create a ritual before going to bed. Creating a bed ritual is important as it indicates our body that it is time to sleep. This may include taking a warm bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. These activities can promote better.
  • Eat dinner early. Do not go to bed immediately after having food or while feeling hungry. Eat and drink tactfully before going to bed so that the body can prepare itself well before winding up for the day. The dinner should be taken preferably 2 hours before we go to sleep. Drink warm milk with honey.
  • Make Sleep a Priority. Schedule enough time for sleep. Make sleep at the top of your to-do list, instead of cutting back on sleep in order to tackle the rest of your daily tasks.
  • Limit Daytime Naps. Long daytime naps can interfere with night time sleep. If you choose to nap during the mid-afternoon, limit yourself to about 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Include Physical Activity in your Daily Routine. Regular Physical Activity can promote better sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and to enjoy deeper sleep. Avoid exercising too close to bedtime; you might be too energized to fall asleep.
  • Manage Stress. Before bed, jot down what’s on your mind and then set it aside for tomorrow. Start with the basics, such as getting organized, setting priorities and delegating tasks. Give yourself permission to take a break when you need one
  • Get Comfortable. Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Your mattress and pillow can contribute to better sleep, too. Choose what feels most comfortable to you.
  • Consult Doctor. If you snore / have loud labored breathing while sleeping or you have observed periods of stoppage of breathing during night sleep, seek medical opinion. Also there may be associated daytime excessive sleepiness, loss of concentration, irritability. In other cases of Insomnias, if above tips does not help seek opinion from your doctor.

 “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for everything”

The Best Bridge between Despair Hope is a Good Night’s Sleep.

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Tips to Reduce the Body Heat & Food that Controls your Body Heat

Body heat can be produced due to variety of factors among which the environmental heat that surrounds your body plays an important role. Your body can get heat up during the summer season when you are mostly exposed to the scorching sunrays. Another factor of heating up of body is the food you are consuming. The spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine are some component which you must avoid as these are food which can heat up your body internally. Some illness or drugs can also be responsible for increasing heat inside your body. But, today you can get some effective ways that can easily control heat inside your body. Some natural herbs and home remedies play an important role in this process.

The normal body temperature of a human should be 36.9˚C, with small variations which are acceptable. No matter what the external weather conditions are like, the internal body temperature is actually maintained for the regular functioning of the body. Just in case, a person’s body temperature falls too low or rises too high (which may be due to innumerable reasons), it can bring about damage to his/her internal organs leading to poor health and fitness. Follow these to avoid extreme body heat.

Reasons for Body Heat
Wearing tight or artificial clothing may trap water and produce ineffective decrease in heat.
Illnesses for example fever as well as infections.
An increased activity on the thyroid which raises the metabolic activity by the body processes and causes production of excess heat. Strenuous workout or physical exercise.
Medical conditions e.g. Seizures and muscular disabilities. Certain drugs or stimulants e.g. Amphetamines, cocaine, etc. Neurological disorders can bring about excessive body heat even when sleeping. Others factors which will result in increasing body heat are psoriasis, systemic sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and eczema (as these diseases can affect the normal process of sweating).
Excessive contact with the sun can also result in high body temperature.

How to remove Heat from the Body
Stay away from hot and spicy food items
Avoid fatty and fried foods (junk/fast foods)
Stay away from caffeine & alcohol
Follow a low sodium diet regime
Use Coconut or Olive herbal oil for cooking than using almond, sesame & corn oil
Do not use nuts in your daily diet as they are known in increasing the body temperature rapidly. Try to have them 2-3 times a week
Try to follow a vegetarian diet regime or reduce your usage of red meat.

Home remedies for reducing body heat
Drink a glass of fresh pomegranate juice mixed with a few drops of almond oil, every morning.
Take a basin of cool water and soak your feet in it. This will help in reducing excessive heat from the body
Eat a handful of poppy seeds before you to go to sleep to get good rest and to maintain normal body temperature during night times. Remember that poppy seeds contain opiates and should not be consumed in large quantities.
An easy home remedy to relieve body heat, eat a spoonful of fenugreek seeds on a daily basis.
Add a tablespoon of honey in cold milk and have it on a daily basis for fast and effective results.
Mix sandalwood with water or cold milk and make it into a fine paste. Apply this paste in your forehead and cheat. This is a proven technique to reduce excessive body temperature and cool the skin instantly. You may also want to add few drops of rosewater to the paste for attaining greater results.
Add 2 tablespoons of clarifies butter to a glass of milk and have it daily. However, if you’ve high cholesterol, you should avoid this remedy.
Vegetables that are high in vitamin C and also fruits like orange and sweet lemon that contains citrus in it, are excellent foods to relieve body temperature.

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The Power of Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which includes breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga provides mental strength and peace. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health and prosperity.

Yoga seems to be acquainted with the physical and psychological benefits for stress management. The benefits of yoga also include decreased stress and tension, increased strength, balance & endurance, and lowered blood pressure. Physical Asana or bodily postures help both in flexibility as well as realizing the potential of the human body, which goes well beyond what we call as the physical being.

Various Forms of Yoga Hatha Yoga
Purpose To introduce beginners to yoga with basic poses and relaxation techniques
Benefits Relieves stress, provides physical exercise, and improves breathing
Good for Beginners and people wanting to learn the basics of yoga

Vinyasa Yoga
Purpose To link the breath with movement and to build lean muscle mass throughout the body
Benefits Helps improve strength and flexibility, tones the abdominal muscles, and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes
Good for Beginners and advanced yogis alike seeking to strengthen their bodies

Ashtanga Yoga
Purpose To help improve one’s spiritual self
Benefits Relieves stress, improves coordination, and helps with weight loss
Good for Fit people looking to maintain strength and stamina

Iyengar Yoga
Purpose To strengthen and bring the body into alignment
Benefits Helps improve balance, speeds up recovery from an injury, and builds up body strength
Good for Beginners who want to learn the correct alignments in each pose and those with injuries, balance issues, and chronic medical conditions like arthritis

Bikram Yoga
Purpose To flush out toxins and to deeply stretch the muscles
Benefits Speeds up recovery from an injury, enhances flexibility, and cleanses the body
Good for Advanced levels who want to push themselves and those with physical injuries

Health Benefits of Yoga’s on the total body
1.Increases Endurance, Strength, Physical Stamina and Flexibility
2.Includes Reduction in Stress
3.Keeps Away Common Ailments
4.Helps Improve Focus
5.Keeps an Uncluttered Mind
6.Prepares the Mind and Body for Long Term Health Benefits
7.Provide Sustenance Power for Long Hours of Work
Also Provides
a.Arm and Shoulder Strength is multiplied as you use your own body weight for resistance
b.Lats and other back muscles begin to support the spine better than before
c.Abdominals and oblique are refined and sharpened through building core muscles
d.Hip flexors are stretched and rebuilt
e.Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves are tightened and lengthened

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Vaccines are an important part of every individual life. They protect children against communicable diseases. They help strengthen the immune system of the body to protect and fight against harmful pathogens. They reduce the infectious disease burden in the community. Vaccines are very crucial and can cause serious illness, risk of death, life-long disability or serious long term complications if overlooked. Some vaccines are mandatory, while some are optional.

Vaccines at Birth-Mandatory Vaccines

BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) VACCINATION

BCG vaccine is given at birth to prevent serious forms of tuberculosis. It is helpful in some extent to prevent diseases like Leprosy and Buruli ulcers. BCG vaccines are administrated intradermally only on the outer aspect of left shoulder. No other sites are advised for cosmetic reasons. A small bubble like lesion will appear at the site of infection which will gradually turn to a scar. No medicine should be applied on the BCG wound. The baby generally will not get fever after administration of the vaccine. If BCG vaccine is not given at birth, it has to be given to any child up to one year of age.


This vaccine helps in prevention of Hepatitis B virus infection which causes serious liver disease in children and adults. Children acquiring Hepatitis B infection at young age are at higher chances of getting serious liver disease which could also lead to liver cancer. The infection can spread from mother to child, sexual transmission, by use of contaminated syringes, blood and blood products.
Hepatitis B vaccine is given to all babies in three cycles, at birth, 6 weeks and 6 months of age
Babies born to Hepatitis B infected mothers need to be given the first dose of the vaccine and Hepatitis B immunoglobulin within 12 hours after birth. The vaccine is administered on the outer side of the thigh. Further vaccines are given at 6 weeks, 10 weeks and an additional dose at 12 months. Hepatitis B vaccine provides indefinite protection. However the vaccination would only provide effective cover for five to seven years. Babies who have missed the birth dose need to take the vaccine at 1.5, 2.5 and 6 months schedule.


One of the challenging diseases of the world, Polio has been eradicated, except for a few countries. Thanks to the Polio Vaccine. Polio is a crippling disease caused by polio virus which causes permanent weakness of the limbs (legs and arms). Serious form of the disease can be life threatening. India was declared Polio free nation in March 2014. It is the duty of every Indian citizen to vaccinate their children with polio vaccines to successfully maintain the polio-free status of our country. Polio vaccines given to the child can be oral polio vaccine (OPV) and injectable polio vaccine (IPV). OPV is given as two drops orally at birth, 6 months, 9 months and 4.5‐5 years. IPV is administered along with OPV as the immunity produced by the combined use of both the vaccines is better than single use. IPV is administered at 6, 10 and 14 weeks and booster at 16‐18 months. Pulse polio immunization is given to all children less than 5 years of age with OPV as part of polio eradication program on National Immunization Days. Side effects with polio vaccines are minimal. Local pain and swelling at the site of injection is very minimal with IPV. Any child who has missed the regular schedule should receive IPV as per doctor’s advice.

Vaccines at Dr. Mehta Hospitals

You can safely administer these vaccines to your new-born babies. Kindly call 044-42271234 to fix an appointment for your new-born’s vaccination needs

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