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Precautions for surgery during covid-19 crisis

During the covid-19 pandemic, Dr.Mehta’s hospitals has continued to performed essential surgeries for patients in whom a delay could cause harm. Our medical and surgical teams have taken measures to help ensure the safety of all patients in our hospital.

Our infection prevention practices and protocols are aimed at protecting our patients and visitors. Everyone entering our hospital will be screened for symptoms and known high risk exposures. Everyone will be offered a mask to wear to prevent spread of infection to others.

We perform surgery or other procedure in the safest possible circumstances. Our teams working around the clock to stay on top of the evolving covid-19 crisis, to ensure both excellent patient care, family and visitor safety. At the current time, patients are allowed to have single attender during the hospital stay. Attender must be screened for symptoms of covid-19.

In the operation theatre (OT), laminar air flow is closed after operation. The operation theatre is fumigated. The OT is cleaned and disinfected. The OT is closed for at least 2 h, and the next operation will be performed.

We discharge the patients postoperatively as early as possible to reduce the risk of exposure to covid-19.

Having a surgery in our hospital doesn’t increase the chances of developing covid-19. Because covid-19 positive patients are kept in special isolation wards to protect other patients.

With any surgery, we must weigh the risk of delay with the benefit that can be achieved by moving forward with surgery. In some

situations, it may not be safe to delay further. Our surgeon and their team are working hard to assess whether surgery can be safely postponed.

Our surgical team will take measures to help ensure the safety of all patients at Dr.Mehta’s hospitals, and we have not had any in-hospital transmission of covid-19.


Dr.S.Balamurali, MS, FMAS, FIAGES, Fellow in endoscopy

Consultant General and Laparoscopic surgeon

Dr.Mehta’s hospitals, global campus

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