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Dr.Mehta’s Medical Trust

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Our Story So Far…

Dr. Mehta’s Medical Trust – CSR wing of Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals began its humble roots in the year 1997. Our Founder, Dr. Savitha Ben Mehta dedicated her practice towards service of the underprivileged and set up the Dr. Mehta’s Medical Trust to be a source of relief for our not-so-privileged friends in receiving quality Healthcare at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals. Since, we have grown manifold with the help of our ever supportive donors and now reach out to any Individual who requires Healthcare attention in the City of Chennai.

Dr.Mehta’s with our deep focus on ensuring that our communities are safe has consistently run a combination of programs across multiple sectors of our community including vulnerable and underprivileged members of the community and at risk consumers. Our Trust since 1997 has focused significantly on educational, diagnostic as well as therapeutic programs to ensure that members of our communities both local and regional are safe and are provided access to health education programs to ensure that they themselves take ownership of their own health as well as diagnostics and therapy to ensure that those who are perhaps vulnerable and at risk have the capacity to access healthcare practices that are in line with our expertise and commitment. We regularly partner with leading organizations, NGOs and  Corporates including  WHO, UNICEF and The Gates Foundation to ensure that our campaigns are focused around large community  outcomes to ensure that safety and health is managed beyond our footprint, beyond our specific focused interventions. Dr.Mehta’s also provides a leadership role for many of the institutions in South India including helping co-ordinate many of the activities for organizations like the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI) and the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO). Dr.Mehta’s typically looks for partners from within the communities as well as sponsors to assist programs so that we are able to ensure that we impact the appropriate and the most needy folks across these communities as well as ensure that our clinical expertise is shared across more members in each community to ensure that our community outcome is maximized.

What we live by 


  • To provide adequate Healthcare needs amongst women, children and senior citizens in our underprivileged communities
  • To spread Preventative Awareness on Best Healthcare Practices amongst not just the underprivileged but also the General Public in order to lead a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • To promote active volunteering to bridge the gap between our societies


We see ourselves as the first choice Healthcare Guardian of our communities