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Diabetes In Young People: Know Causes & Tips To Manage It

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The misconception that diabetes only occurs in older individuals can lead to a neglect of its symptoms and a delay in seeking intervention. However, understanding the risks and early detection are crucial steps in preventing complications arising from diabetes. It’s better to consult the best diabetologists in chennai and discuss your concerns to get personalized solutions. Let’s delve into this article to know the causes of diabetes in young adults, the early signs, and tips to tackle it.

Causes of Diabetes in Young Adults

The increasing prevalence of diabetes among young people is a cause for concern. Lifestyle factors significantly contribute to this trend, particularly Type 2 Diabetes. Sedentary behaviour, poor dietary habits such as excessive consumption of sugary and high-calorie foods, and rising rates of childhood obesity all play a role.

Recognize Early Signs

“No wonder that Diabetes frequently goes unnoticed until potential complications begin to manifest.”

Early symptoms of diabetes observed in young adults include unexpected weight loss, increased urination, and frequent urination. Additionally, blurry vision, numbness, tingling sensations in the feet, fatigue, and dry skin are common signs that should not be ignored.

These symptoms can significantly impact daily life. When left untreated and poorly managed, they can lead to potential complications such as heart-related issues and kidney dysfunction, ultimately disrupting the overall quality of life.

Tackle Diabetes

“Undoubtedly, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle remains a significant contributing factor to the development of diabetes.” Hence, instilling Good Lifestyle Habits will Curb The Diabetes Epidemic.”

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Be physically active for 30 minutes of regular and moderate intensity
  • Avoid sugary foods, sugar-laden beverages, and processed items
  • Make it a routine to have a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Routine Checkup You Should Not Miss

“Timely health check-ups play a vital role in preventing diabetes.”

Regular assessments help monitor blood sugar levels, enabling early intervention in case of any abnormalities. Identifying diabetes or prediabetes in its early stages allows for timely measures to prevent complications.

“Do you know

 1 in 4 people under 25 might have Type 2 Diabetes?”

However, the good news is that Dr. Mehta’s, the best diabetes hospital in Chennai, has got you covered with their Diabetes Health Check packages.

These packages offer a comprehensive master health checkup in chennai designed for screening diabetes. Along with this, you’ll receive consultations with medical experts. This health checkup is ideally recommended based on your age and other health factors.

You can have a discussion with Dr. Mehta’s internal physicians to determine the recommended interval for the diabetes health checkup, which will be tailored to your medical history, age, and other factors.

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