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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a condition that makes it hard to learn and read. It happens when there is a problem with the way the brain processes graphic symbols

The problem in dyslexia is a linguistic tone, not a visual one. Dyslexia in no way stems from any lack of intelligence. People with severe dyslexia can be brilliant also. Although it is neurological condition, dyslexia is not linked to intelligence. The effects of dyslexia vary from person to person. The only shared trait among people with dyslexia is that they read at level lower than typical for people of their age.

Quick facts about Dyslexia symptoms

  • Classic symptoms include: slow reading, very poor spelling and weak phonemic awareness resulting in great difficulty in sounding out words, especially unfamiliar ones
  • Pre-school warning signs include: Delayed Speech, difficulty in learning the alphabet, inability to rhyme words, confusion of left & right, before and after, other directional or relational words, poor pencil grip and messy writing
  • Symptoms can be seen as early as the first six months of age
  • Difficulty in tying shoe laces and reading a clock with hands are reliable indicators of dyslexia
  • Reading problems are often unexpected relative to other cognitive abilities or skills
  • Dyslexia varies from mild to severe, with symptoms varying in degree and number accordingly
  • Often co-exist with ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia

How to cure Dyslexia?

There is no known way to correct the underlying brain abnormality that causes dyslexia – dyslexia is lifelong problem. However early detection and evaluation to determine specific needs and appropriate treatment can improve success

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