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Best Maternity Pregnancy Care & Delivery Hospital In Chennai

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

If you are planning on having a baby, you’ll have lots of questions and choices to make: Thinking about a natural birth and painless birth. Parental classes and preparation for delivery support during delivery and childbirth.  Choosing the Best Maternity Pregnancy Care & Delivery Hospital In Chennai. It can all get a little overwhelming, so deciding on where to deliver first is a great way to check one thing off your list of seemingly endless decisions! While there are lots of factors to consider, here are 7 things that you should consider before choosing the best maternity hospital for your childbirth.

Clinical Excellence in Labor and Delivery

You want to know that you and your baby are in expert hands. The hospital should have a team of board-certified professionals to support you with your labor and delivery. It includes:

NABH-certified hospitals reflect a doctor’s experience in their Speciality and a high level of patient satisfaction with high-quality medical treatment in any Speciality. Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals is a leading NABH-certified Multi-Speciality hospital in Chennai that is perfect for your maternity treatment.

labourists – A board-certified hospital offers you the best OB/GYN care, as well as nursing care to support you before you are ready to push with your doctor. Multi-speciality hospitals in Chennai, provide superior patient care and higher patient satisfaction. (Dr. Mehta’s hospital is one of the best in Chennai and has NABH and NABL certifications) Book your maternity package now to know more.

A Special Pregnancy Nursery Care

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

A special care nursery team of specially qualified neonatologists and nurses takes care of preterm babies delivered after 32 weeks of pregnancy as they require special monitoring. You want a special care nursery team that encourages parents and caregivers to visit the maternity ward to bond and spend time with their babies.

Birthing Options

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful and life-changing moments you will ever experience. Your maternity hospital should provide you with the information you need to prepare a birth plan outlining how you want to deliver your baby, and what supportive birthing techniques and approaches you want during labor—from painless delivery to pain relief medication.

Pain Relief Choices for Labor

Whether you want pain medications or choose to use more natural methods to ease labor pain, choose a hospital that provides:

  • Pain relief medications, including local Anaesthetics
  • Alternative, more natural pain-relief approaches

Postpartum Care for You and Your Baby

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

Maternity Pregnancy care Delivery Hospital

You want to relax and bond with your baby and family after giving birth. It is essential for postpartum care, and Dr. Mehta’s is known for providing excellent postpartum care for both mothers and their newborns.

We have homelike, pleasant postpartum rooms separate from labour and delivery rooms. Our team of nurses is here to assist, answering all of your concerns and giving advice on parenting and breastfeeding. Taking an in-person maternity tour before delivery will give you a chance to meet and get to know the nursing team and hospital facilities.

Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals gives you the option to choose your preferred room type, from a super deluxe room to a prime AC room.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things you can do for your baby, but it can come with challenges. Make sure the hospital you choose offers the following:

  • Lactation consultant for breastfeeding and care
  • Breastfeeding classes to prepare before you give birth
  • Private breastfeeding consultations during your postpartum recovery and after you go home (in case you have any issues)

Dr. Mehta’s hospitals offer the best lactation support to mothers. Our lactation consultant is an expert in helping mothers handle and breastfeed.

Prenatal and postnatal Maternity care

A healthy mom helps to ensure a healthy baby. But it’s essential to know that your hospital provides the best prenatal and postnatal care. The pregnancy health and wellness program helps you improve your health and well-being before and during your pregnancy through vaccinations, nutritional diet practices, weight management, and chronic disease and health management.

Prenatal classes will ensure you and your family are ready for your pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care—from labour preparation to infant care. A maternal-fetal medicine to help you prepare for a healthy delivery if you expect or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Pelvic health care from OB/GYN specialists can help with urinary incontinence that can occur after pregnancy.

Remember, where you deliver your baby is as important as who delivers your baby. Do your research and make sure the maternity hospital you choose is the right fit for you. Dr. Mehta’s Multispeciality Hospitals offer all of the above and more. With a team of experienced OB/GYN doctors and care from nurses’ patients will feel at home and comfortable. Choose Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals the Best Maternity Pregnancy Care & Delivery Hospital In Chennai, with the most renowned panel of maternity experts and world-class medical facilities.



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